Puerto Rico Governor Rosselló Reacts to Discrimination Claims

    San Juan – A lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court in Atlanta that alleges that the State of Georgia is illegally discriminating against Americans from Puerto Rico. According to the claim, Georgia’s Department of Driver Services quizzes U.S. citizens from Puerto Rico on Puerto Rican cuisine and the island’s fauna when obtaining a driver’s license and other documents. Other citizens are not asked any of these questions and do not have to comply with the Puerto Rico specific requirements, according to the lawsuit. Moreover, it says Georgia officials are seizing Puerto Rican drivers’ licenses, birth certificates and Social Security cards without explanation.

    In light of the allegations, Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló released the following statement:

    “A lawsuit filed yesterday in Atlanta, Georgia, alleges that Puerto Ricans are being treated unequally in the State of Georgia when procuring essential government services such as obtaining a driver’s license. According to the claim, Puerto Ricans are required to answer questions related to amphibians and cuisine in order to procure government services.

    “This is absurd. Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens and cannot be treated unequally in any U.S. jurisdiction.

    “The Government of Puerto Rico takes these allegations very seriously and, if true, I ask Georgia Governor Brian Kemp to address the disturbing irregularities immediately. The U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico cannot be subject to illogical and illegal requirements when procuring government services.”